Beginnings & Words

evening choresby Jamie Heiden®

The Magic of Place

end of the line
by Jamie Heiden®

Just A Little More Fairy Tale

by Jamie Heiden®

Pet-culiar Photography
pet-cu-liar‚ \pet-kyul-yer\, adjective
1. uncommon; unusual:
2. distinctive in nature or character from others.

a standard of graceby Jamie Heiden®

Portrait Photography

nothing is little
by Jamie Heiden®

48 Responses to Home

  1. Cathy Schweighardt says:

    Jamie, I loved your art work that I saw at the MMOCA Art in the Capitol in Madison, WI last weekent. I am looking on your website and do not see a piece that I was interested in….do you have a more comprehensive catalog? I like the piece, I think it was Laundry 4 (lingerie on a clothesline)…can you tell me where I can see more of your art to order online??? Thanks, Cathy

  2. Carolyn King Stephens says:

    Hello Jamie and Rick — I’m so glad Carla alerted me to this site. Simply enchanting! It awakens the Irish in me. Good luck with all your art shows this season.
    from John and Carolyn Stephens

  3. Tim says:

    I always enjoy your vision and the art that comes from it along with your thoughts to make it personal.


  4. Debra Schoenberger says:

    Hi Jamie! Love your work because it’s so unique….
    I was wondering, would it be possible to buy one of your pics in hi rez? It would be nice to see someone else’s work on my walls – love the pic with the train tracks. It would be for personal use only, to hang in my apt.



  5. Darrel Bowman says:

    Wow!!! I really dig your images.

  6. WOW! Your eye and your talents are enviable. What a pleasure it is to browse through your work.

  7. Doris Obrien says:

    A friend share your beautiful work! You are so talented. It is a privilege to see your work.

  8. mary jo newburg says:

    so glad my daughter and i found you again yesterday!!!!
    you are the BEST.

  9. Relyn says:

    Hello, my unmet friend. I wanted to stop by and thank you for being a part of my life in 2013. Your blog has been a huge source of inspiration and a blessing to me. Thank you.

    For the coming year, I have a few wishes for you.

    May 2014 bring you much joy.
    May we all have peace in our homes,
    laughter by our firesides,
    time spent with family,
    and contentment in our hearts.
    Be well, my friend.

  10. Hi Jamie,
    Just found your work on Facebook and sent along a message. Beautiful, dreamy work here. I’ve started working with textures and love how they transform the image to an entirely different place.
    Best regards,
    Margaret Waage

  11. Katyann Davidson says:

    Your work is beautiful, evocative and oh so lyrical….

  12. Bibi Burke says:

    Just bought two pieces at Outside The Lines! An amazing talent in our own back yard. Andrew Wyeth would love your photography!

  13. Debbie Newman says:

    Hi Jamie. Your work is beautiful and I’ve invented a new title for you. I have devoted a board to you on my Pinterest site entitled Amazing Artographer Jamie Heiden. Remember you heard it here first. Keep up the fantastic Artography!!! ( it sounded better than photographart)!!!!!

  14. Magic realism in photographic form. Beautiful celebration of the ordinary.

  15. David Ready says:

    Beautiful work, Jamie Heiden. I’m not sure how you do it, but I love it. No, the truth be told, I’m smitten, heh.

  16. Robert Cole says:

    I am an independent writer who is about to publish my second book. I saw your work as part of an ad in People Magazine and thought how perfect your style was for the concept that I had for the books cover. Is this something that you would be interested in?

    PS: Great work!

  17. Pat Conkel says:

    Tore one of you photos from a magazine at work. Any chance you’ll be at the Des Moines Art Festival this summer? I love your work. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Carol says:

    I found you featured in an American Family insurance ad in People magazine. I felt it was so haunting and compelling I had to have it. I hope you don’t mind, Im using the print to Mod Podge one of my tv trays. Love your work!

  19. barbara says:

    love your work-cant stop thinking about the images
    thank you

  20. The landscape reminds me of Champaign IL but then the images t@ke off into a land we all know from childhood.

    Your titles add Irish character

  21. Steve Cronin says:

    I met you at the Loring Art Fair in Mpls this past weekend. Thanks for taking the time to talk about your art and technique. I appreciate the work it took for you to learn, understand, and use the digital tools you’ve mastered to complete the vision you have imagined. You have found your own voice and honed it to a style that is your own. After seeing your work at the Fair I would recognize it anywhere. Unique, evoking thoughts and questions, and full of wonder. Inspiring others to find their own voice.

  22. Tammy Shell says:


    I purchased a piece of art work from you at the Stockholm Art Fair this summer. My husband and I have been redoing a 100 year old farmhouse and that piece of art work was the first to be hung in our redone living room. It is everyone’s favorite ! Thank You .

  23. Jamie Heiden says:

    Awesome! I’m happy to hear it found a good home… Thank you!

  24. Linda Nowak says:

    Hello Jamie,
    I just saw your pictures at Outside the Lines Gallery in Dubuque and was so amazed and now trying to decide which ones I want. Please let me know if you ever have a show in Wisconsin-I’ll be there.

  25. izi coleman says:

    i have fallen in love .. with your peculiar kind of magic realism, whatever medium you use. Debbie’s name for you, artographer is spot on. I’m not a buyer, but I look forward very much to more of your enchantments.

  26. Ruel Nicole says:

    Toutes vos photos sont empreintes d’une merveilleuse mélancolie. J’adore. Merci

  27. Kimberly Gould says:

    Jamie, you are such a personal inspiration to me. Your art has the quality of magic and looking at it never gets old!!!! I appreciate your vision and hope to find my own…..keep making magic!!!!

  28. Bill Bicksler says:

    I had no idea if your celebrity but then again, I’m not surprised. Where would one look to know if your appearance schedule? – nikon_35mm

  29. Matthew Rowe says:

    There is none your equal. And I mean that. I love art. Your art speaks to me like only a select few artists and their art can. Do you sell original and exclusive prints?

  30. Eric Weires says:

    I’m no expert but your prints are absolutely fantastic. My teenage son and I just sat here staring at them. I bought one but I can think of 10 more place in my house they’d look beautiful.

  31. Jeri johnson says:

    Hello Jamie,

    I would like to purchase a piece of work- Saint Patric kissed her twice. How would I go about this process?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  32. Jamie Heiden says:

    Thanks! I sent you an email with some information!

  33. Jo Nelson says:

    I LOVE your work!!!! Will you ever do classes (please say yes!)

  34. Deb Hadley says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I am a total fan of your work !
    I am trying to find a picture I saw , of pottery hanging on a cloths line ?
    It was your work but I cannot find it on your site ?
    I would like further information on the purchase of this piece and the availability of
    We miss you at our local Art Fair !
    Help Please !

  35. Claudia says:

    Grazie per i doni che trasmetti.

  36. Bernadette says:

    You are amazing What is your email, I’d like to send you a poem.

  37. Jamie Heiden says:

    Hi Bernadette, Thank you for the kind words. You can use the ‘contact me’ page to send something if you’d like.

  38. Sarah J Mills says:

    Happy Holidays Jamie, I was just sent an e-mail from a close friend and photographer in Ohio a link to your art. Wow! Each one of your images is so, I don’t know, spare and yet full. They are enchanting! Thank you for your insight and imagination. I love your work.

  39. Sandy Kiel says:

    Many years ago, I saw a painting of yours that still intrigues and delights me when I think about it. As I recall, the image is that of a lamp post on a snowy night. It’s tall an relatively narrow. Is that a piece that you also recall and if so, would it be possible for me to purchase a print of it? I’d so love to have it!

  40. Jamie Heiden says:

    Hi Sandy, I do have a couple lamp post images. I’ll email you some info. Thanks!

  41. Mary says:

    When I look at this one it reminds me of my daughter. Can this one still be purchased?

  42. Mitch says:

    new fan of your work ! nice 🙂

    (i know that’s brief and vague… just please take it as a compliment lol)

  43. Nancy Cormier says:

    Beautiful breath taking work. Is it photo shopped or is it an app plus. Breath taking

  44. Jamie Heiden says:

    Thank you! I work in photoshop… each image is multiple photographic layers. No apps or filters used.

  45. Anita van dijk says:

    I’m impressed I like your work so much!!!!

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