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Prints are available for direct purchase in my Etsy shop.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for there you can always contact me directly through Etsy and request an image by referencing the title.  A more complete inventory can be found on my Flickr page.


Featured in Publications

Coulee Region Women February 2017 feature
Midwest Review Edition #4 Cover work
Midwest Prairie Review Inaugural issue
Inspired(d) magazine….
Digital Studio Autumn 2010
Digital Inspiration 2014
American Family Dream Fearlessly Campaign – People Magazine Feb. 16th, 2015 issue

Commissioned book cover working with Simon and Schuster The Boy On The Wooden Box by Leon Leyson
Commissioned book cover working with Sky Pony Press Double Exposure by Bridget Birdsall

Growing inventory of cover work represented by Trevillion Images.

covers for facebook


What Else Is Available

My images are available for sale as signed limited edition art prints. For more images please check out my Flickr site. The basic size is 11×14 and is printed on a fine cotton rag paper but as I do not crop any of my images beyond the original, the size may vary and will not be exactly 11×14. Different sizes are also available upon request.

Please be aware that the images may seem a bit distorted depending on your computer system… The images on Flickr will appear true to format regardless so I might suggest you look there as well… any image can be searched for by title. Thank you for understanding.


Pricing and Sizing

Please check out my Etsy Shop. You can also contact me via email( jamie[at] or with this form to let me know what you are interested in referencing the title.

All of my prints are part of a limited edition series and are signed and numbered. The basic size is printed on 11×14 cotton rag paper as large as the crop will allow while still leaving a white border around for ease of matting and/or framing. That price is about $50 plus tax and shipping of $12. The next size up is printed on 13×19 paper the same way and sells for about $100 plus tax and $12 shipping. Images printed on 17×22 paper sell for $160 plus tax and shipping of $12 also. I can print larger but would ask you to give me a size you’re looking for and I can then get you a price.

I also print on wrapped and ready to hang canvas if you are interested. All canvas prints are also part of their own limited edition series and are signed on the front and have a number listed on the back. 11×14 is $200, 12×18 is $250, 16×20 is $300, 20×24 is $350, 15×30 is $3375, 24×30 is $400, 24×36 or 18×36 is $475, 30×40 is $650 and 40×60 is $900. All are archival with a protective coating and are stretched on a 1” wooden ready to hang frame. Shipping and tax for canvas prints is additional.


Where To See My Work

The Long Branch Gallery in Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Lanesboro Art Center in Lanesboro, Minnesota

The Frame Gallery in Holmen, Wisconsin

Rose and Rustics Antique and Gift Shop in Nashville, Tennessee

The Villager Art Gallery in Beloit, Wisconsin

Anthology in Madison, Wisconsin on State Street

Outside the Lines a gallery in Dubuque, Iowa and Galena, Illinois

The Art Study  a gallery in Seattle, Washington

Chickweed Cottage in Dixon, Illinois

Grand Micro Gallery in St. Paul, Minnesota

Willy St. Treasure Shop in Madison, Wisconsin


2024 Art Fair Schedule 

Loring Park Art Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota  – July 27 & 28

Morning Glory Art Fair in  Milwaukee, Wisconsin – August 10 & 11

St. Louis Art Fair in Clayton, Missouri  – September 6, 7 & 8

Driftless Area Art Festival in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin – September 21 & 22

And as always, check out my Flickr page for more images.


*All images are protected under United States Copyright Laws 2024 Jamie Heiden®. Any use without permission is prohibited.

13 Responses to Shop

  1. Lucinda Huff says:

    Jamie–I absolutely love the dreamy rustic quality of your photography. Beautiful!

  2. The nice of life is that you can always discover some miracle. You are the one…

  3. Today is Sunday,but I could not get to church.What a blessing to happen onto your work,like a spark out there in the universe….
    I look forward to having your art in my home.I am beginning again at a rather late date(just reached 60 years!)
    Not much money,but ,hope.
    Than you,
    JoEllen Wilson

  4. Cathy Teel says:

    Yesterday I received a small magazine from American Family Insurance. Usually things like this remain unopened and immediately recycled! I don’t know why I took a look inside, but sure am glad I did. Your art is amazing! Being a nature nut and musician, your topics truly speak to my soul. I am already composing in my mind…

  5. Fran Sauer says:

    Congratulations on your recent stint in the Feb 16th People magazine! As an employee at the Lanesboro Arts Center, I have the joy of viewing your pieces, every time that I work! As an owner of some of your work, I was proud as punch to see that you are getting such well deserved attention & publicity! Wonderful!!!!

  6. Bonnie Ford says:

    I saw one of your pictures in a recent peoples magazine. I would like to purchase that photo. Love your work so different and haunting in a good way

  7. Mary Fickett says:

    I have never been able to enjoy a piece of art as immensely and completely before seeing your work. What your eyes see and how it is translated to canvas evokes all the feelings that make me alive inside. I relish your work. Never stop. Thank you so much. Sincerely.

  8. Julie Correll says:

    Hi, Jamie,

    I purchased two prints at the recent art festival in Wausau (Happenstance and Follow the Crows). After matting and framing, I have hung Follow the Crows in my small living room. I would like to have more artwork on the wall, but it will be overwhelming to hang another large framed piece. Do you ever make up smaller versions of your prints? I might even like an elongated piece or an 8″ square piece.

    Thanks for your beautiful work.

  9. Hi Jamie,
    I would love to learn about the processes you employ on the journey to your moving finished pieces. I am a professional musician myself and after I have been moved by a piece of music my next question is always a technical one: how was it done. Only way to learn and develop as an artist I have always found is to ask that question over and over again. Looking at your work I find it difficult to find the dividing line between what was captured ‘in camera’, digital post production, traditional media and collage. Of course you may worry imparting this knowledge may break the spell but like you I am craftsmen as well as a shaman and acknowledge the debt of both to final transcendent manifesation. Any resources, tips, links very welcome indeed!

  10. ann fitzgerald says:

    Hi Jaime, I would love to buy your “The Sparrow’s Call”…. 11 x 14 on fine cotton rag paper for $50.00 plus tax plus $12.00 shipping… via Paypal I’d also like ALL of your pics!! Thanks…

  11. Jamie Heiden says:

    Thanks! I’ll be in touch.

  12. Cindy Bennett says:

    I am trying to but a print and I cannot find it anywhere. It is Jamie Heiden – B 1987 Wisconsin. It is a house and a girl with a book. Can you help me find where to purchase? Thanks

  13. Jamie Heiden says:

    Hi there, You can find prints at my Etsy shop, however the image you are looking for is all sold out of its paper print edition. Please send me a direct message for any information regarding canvas prints.

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