I hope my images start a story, make you stop and think of… someone, someplace or sometime

A Bit About the Process

Hand tinted black & whites, fiber based papers smelling of fixer, Land Cameras and Polaroid Film with watercolor paper and my favorite brush, SX-70, 669, infra-red and push-processing are all part of the photographic path I’ve walked that has brought me to where I am today. But still, I really do get the most satisfaction out of the beginning moment, the moment the shutter is released. From there, utilizing tools on my computer; my virtual darkroom, I add layers of additional images – sometimes creating a new reality but more often just showing a little slice of what I saw at that moment in time. As with years before, it’s the texture, color and depth that are my drivers. And simplicity and story, my inspiration.


Limited Edition Art Prints

Almost any image found here on my site or on my Flickr page can be purchased as a signed limited edition print. For more information on pricing or on how to place an order please enter the Shop page.

*There is a growing category of retired images, ones that have sold out of their editions… These will still be viewable but may not be available to purchase. Thank you for understanding.


Print Prices

The following are paper sizes and unframed. The images will be printed as large as possible while retaining a white border around the print for ease of matting or framing. They will also retain their original crop. Example: A square image printed on 11×14 paper will actually measure 10×10.

11×14 or smaller…………………………………………$50.00
Up to 22×30…………………………………………………$300.00
Beyond 22 wide ………………………………………$300-$900
(estimates available upon request)

Framing is also available upon request.

*Prices will vary and are subject to change and do not include tax or shipping. Shipping in the U.S. for the 11×14 size is $12, 13×19 is $15. Outside the U.S shipping is $25 -$35.


“I Only Collect Original Artwork”

Because I have many visitors who do prefer to purchase ‘Originals’ only, and because they asked me to come up with a solution… I have. After recognizing the debate in the photography world of where the “original” even exists, which is complicated as we move into digital, and after speaking with gallery owners, professors and fellow photographers I offer this for you ‘Oh Collector’s of Original Artwork’.

Almost any of my images are available as an ‘Original’ – more like a ‘One of a Kind’ – with its own number and certificate of authenticity. It is larger and framed in a double molding custom cut frame with 3 layers of hand applied varnish and without glass. They are impressive and very unique – as only an ‘Original’ can be. Like original paintings may have, they all do have a Limited Edition Series accompanying them. But you will have the only Original.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or interest.

*There is a growing category of retired images, ‘Originals’ that already have a home… These will still be viewable but may not be available to purchase. Thank you for understanding.


7 Responses to Info

  1. maggie says:

    My boyfriend and I bought some of your stuff at the Stockholm art fair a few years back and love it. His mom did the same and loves it too! After seeing your site now we are interested in your on location photo options. We thought it might be fun to do this as a gift for his parents — they have a family farm that’s been in operation for over 100 years and his folks are starting to retire a bit. They live in Durand, Wi. How far do you travel and what would the next steps be? We are hoping to get his brother in on this too. Thanks!

  2. GRACE MANDRY says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Saw your “Steward’s Way” image on Pinterest and was drawn to it. It is a rather lonely piece. I recently lost my husband and somehow I picture him waiting at the end of the path for me to join him. Yes, it is lonely – but comforting as well. I feel that same sense of solitude in most of your works. They’re poignantly beautiful.

    On a rather personal level, your first name holds a tender place in my life – both my son and my granddaughter share it.


  3. Jamie Heiden says:

    Hello Grace,

    Thank you for the kind words and I am sorry for your loss but I am glad you feel comfort as well.

    Take care,


  4. Carol Clanton says:

    I would like to buy some small, greeting card-sized prints that I can use in my personal meditation journals. (4×6 or 5×7 inches) Is this possible? Your work is ethereal.

  5. Marla Dell says:

    Hi Jamie….

    Do you ever do classes? I do photography but would love to learn more about your process. I love your work…Thank you for your reply. I am in Northern California.

    Marla Dell

  6. Jill Eck says:

    Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I am wondering if you are using encaustics in your work? Thank you.

  7. Jamie Heiden says:

    Hi Jill, Thanks for the interest! I do occasionally use encaustics on my finished pieces. However, those are only available to see at art fairs. Nothing viewable on line actually shows a finished encaustic piece except for one or two images on my Facebook page highlighting an art fair. Hope that answers your question. Thanks again!

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