Jack Did as He Was Told

By Jamie Heiden

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6 Responses to Jack Did as He Was Told

  1. judy kuhn says:

    This is my next goal!

  2. Degrijse Isabelle says:

    Do you sell Jack did as he was told?

  3. Jamie Heiden says:

    I do! Thanks for the interest and I’ll reply via email.

  4. Tom Farrell says:


    I fish all over the country. I love Wisconsin. When I saw this I knew right away that I had been there. I remember seeing two eagles on the other side of the lines. Can a buy a copy of this photo?

  5. Whitney Cardin says:

    I am interested in buying a copy of Jack did as he was told.

  6. Jamie Heiden says:

    this image is all sold out of its paper print. You can message me directly for information regarding canvas prints.

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