Past Time

Past TimeBy Jamie Heiden

Mr. Orville owned this land and the land on the other side of the fence too. I don’t see him anymore. We’ve never spoken, only waved. Sometimes just the head nod – I can’t do that one naturally… only premeditated. I do though have the small movement of the finger lift off the steering wheel down. For those times when you just can’t muster the strength for anything else. No smile required. I think it’s inferred.

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2 Responses to Past Time

  1. Greg Schoenfeldt says:

    I can’t do the finger wave without automaticly doing the head nod.

  2. Tex Rhino says:

    Well hey that finger wavin stuff don’t come easy. I growed up in the Oklahoma Panhandle where the finger wave was the official greetin de rigueur. It ain’t easy and may in fact be impossible fer outlanders to learn. I been tryin to teach it to my wife for goin on 40 year and she ain’t got it yet. I know you come from the east side of the state and they ain’t nobody there can do the finger wave. So mayhaps you should’nt assume you got it down. Maybe best you just lift yer hand and give a little wave stead of screamin I’M A FOREIGNER with your attempt at finger wavin. Just sayin . . .

    Pitchers, now, that’s a nother matter. You’re damned good at them. Thank ya fer sharin.

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